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DVD // Face the Wall - Gesicht zur Wand

A film by Stefan Weinert, co-produced by Equinox Productions

Five stories of the dream of freedom and the soul-crushing methods of the Stasi detention. The five protagonists represent a group of around 72,000 ex-convicts, imprisoned in the GDR for attempting to flee the Republic. Was rewarded as german documentary of the month and was attributed the FBW certificate "Besonders Wertvoll".

"A very illuminating exposé of the methods used by the Stasi (East German secret services) to "work over" and imprison political opponants and nonconformist individuals."
Marianne Birthler // The federal Comissioner

Price: 15.90 € // Shipping worlwide: 5.00 €
Play time: 85 Mintues // Format: 16:9 // Soundformat: Dolby Digital / Pal / Countrycode 2 (Europe)